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Welcome to Wildfire Digital Fabrics - the cutting-edge, eco-friendly and exclusive website brought to you by Wild Ginger Software, Inc. This latest technology combines our custom-sized sewing patterns with our new fabric print-on-demand service.

Combine multiple styles, quilt blocks, home dec, and custom pattern shapes and fill them with fabrics you design or choose from our extensive collection of fabric prints. Use every sqare inch of fabric as you wish.

With Wildfire, you get YOUR styles, YOUR fabrics, YOUR patterns, YOUR size, EVERY time!

Got a question? Just give us a holler and we will be happy to help.


How It Works

  •      Create an account using the link at the top right of the Wildfire Home page and log in.

  •      Download our FREE conversion application for Windows here

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  •      Draft custom-sized sewing patterns for clothing, accessories, dolls, and pets in PatternMaster, Wild Things, and Cameo OR create your own designs for quilt blocks, home dec, and more. There are NO size limits here!

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  •      Use our Fabric Creator tool to design your own seamless fabric repeats or choose from extensive design collections created by our talented textile artists.

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  •      Select from 26 high quality fabrics, create your cutting layout in our FREE Wildfire desktop software, and upload it to our site. Combine as many styles as you like.

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  •      Use our exclusive Fabric Art Tool to fill your sewing patterns and background with fabric prints and matching solid colors. Select any combination of fabric prints and color you wish. Color every square inch as you desire.

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  •      Our design tools will help you choose the perfect colors and fabric for your style.

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  •      Your sewing patterns are digitally printed on the high quality fabric you selected and shipped to you within 10 to 15 business day ready to cut and sew.

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  •      New to Wild Ginger Software - try our FREE Wild Things for custom-sized hats, bags, accessories and MORE. FREE Wild Things Accessories

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